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Saturday, April 17, 2021

Google celebrates Ever Given ship freed in Suez Canal with an easter egg

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For the past couple of weeks, a ship stuck in the Suez Canal has been making headlines all over the world. Dubbed the Ever Given, the massive ship created a blockade in the narrow Suez Canal in Egypt which caused disruptions in marine traffic and also lost the shipping industry billions of dollars due to the delay. Also Read – Facebook adds Holi-themed stickers for users in India, here’s how you can use them

It was yesterday that 400m ship was freed from the Suez Canal and developers at Google couldn’t hold back but to celebrate the occasion their own way with an easter egg. Also Read – Google Photos revamp to be rolled out soon: Report

The easter egg

A search for the ‘Suez Canal’ and ‘Ever Given’ brings up information about the whole incident including the latest news articles and more information about the topic. However, what catches the eye is the animated ship that rowing across the top of the page symbolic of a free ship. Also Read – Google to make app downloads faster, will take less toll on smartphones

The Suez Canal is one of the most pivotal sea routes in the world that connects the Mediterranean Sea to the Red Sea allowing shipping from Europe to Asia. Because of the blockade, most of the ships passing through that route were stranded in the nearby seas or had to take the longer route from below the African continent.

It is estimated that about 12 percent of the world’s trade and a significant part of the world’s oil supply is routed through that canal. The 1,300-foot ship had blocked the canal for 6 days after it was successfully freed on Sunday.

Google is consistent with easter eggs on its search pages and even put one on Holi where you could splatter the entire web page with colours but clicking on it.

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