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Google maps: Google Maps brings a feature back on Android – Latest News

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Google has brought back compass widgets to Maps on Android, the feature was reportedly earlier removed from the app. Google has axed the compass widgets from Maps back in 2019 to make for more room on the Navigation screen, says a report in PhoneArena. .

Google has brought the feature back in Maps, it seems, on popular demand. The feature points users to the North on the Maps home screen with a small red pointer. The compass widget can be found on the right side of the screen. If you can’t see the feature yet, you could try updating the Maps app.

Google earlier said that it has more than 100 AI-powered improvements in the pipeline for Google Maps to make it more accurate and flexible for use. One of the highlighted ones is the use of Live View when indoors. “Live View is powered by a technology called global localization, which uses AI to scan tens of billions of Street View images to understand your orientation,” is how the company describes this feature.

The Live View update allows users to navigate inside crowded places like airports, transit stations and malls. Google has also said that it is improving upon the weather tracking abilities in Maps with new weather layer to help see the current and forecasted temperature and an air quality layer to tell if the air is healthy enough to venture out in.

Google Maps will also bring a new feature soon that will help you take more eco-friendly routes and reduce the carbon footprints. It will “default to the route with the lowest carbon footprint when it has approximately the same ETA as the fastest route. In cases where the eco-friendly route could significantly increase your ETA, we’ll let you compare the relative CO2 impact between routes so you can choose.”, said Google in a blog post.

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