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Google Maps integrates AI to improve traffic accuracy

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Google Maps is widely used for navigation purposes across the world. Billions of mobile devices use the service to get an accurate path to their travel destination. Google recently pointed out that the accuracy of the service has been spot-on for over 97 percent times. For the other 3 percent, there is still some work to be done. This is why Google is hoping that its DeepMind AI technology can help them narrow that gap. Also Read – Google Maps likely to get app-wide dark mode support very soon

Google has used real-time traffic data available through GPS to estimate travel time. But its partnership with DeepMind will improve on the location as well as travel time accuracy with future predictions. For this, DeepMind has created graphic neural network, which looks at a further set of data. This includes road quality, speed limits, and closures to gauge future traffic situations. With all this data, Google Maps will be able to alert the users before even they start their journey. Also Read – Apple Watch users to get new feature-packed Google Maps soon

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The work is claimed to have already made a positive impact on Google Maps and its users. The AI technology has improved real-time ETAs by up to 50 percent in cities like Berlin, Washington D.C., Tokyo, and Sydney among others. While these results are impressive, Google admits that preempting traffic before it forms is a tough trick to pull off. But it’s exciting to see the company push the boundaries and using AI to make a difference for the end-users. Google will try to integrate the AI tech to offer similar solutions in markets like India as well. But the large geographic mass and heavy density of people could be a challenge to make it a success. Also Read – Google Maps gets an all-new feature; This will make traveling faster

Google Maps app-wide dark mode support on the cards?

A recent report also revealed that Google may finally be preparing to roll out app-wide dark mode support for Google Maps users. The company is testing the full-fledged rollout of a dark theme for Maps. Currently, users can enable dark mode only while using the navigation feature. For everything else, the default mode is still in the white theme. It’s quite strange that even though Google has committed itself to offer dark mode for all its products. Google Maps is one of the last apps, yet to support the popular theme.

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