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google meet: Google Meet video calling lands on Glass Enterprise Edition 2 – Latest News

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San Francisco: Google has announced that its video conferencing app Meet is now available for Glass Enterprise Edition 2 in beta.

Google Meet for Glass is aimed at “making it easier for on-site workers to connect face-to-face with others who are working remotely.

“Glass has been helping on-site essential workers for years and now with Meet for Glass, we are excited to continue supporting companies navigate new challenges with remote work as they unfold across industries. Google Workspace customers can apply to the Meet for Glass beta to get early access,” the company said in a statement.

The wearable has an 8MP camera with 80-degree FOV to stream out and three beam-forming microphones, as well as a mono speaker and support for Bluetooth and USB audio

Using Meet for Glass, Google’s data technicians can connect with each other to diagnose an issue, review equipment and even train new employees.

People dialed into Meet can see exactly what the data technician is doing and communicate clearly with them to provide real-time feedback.

According to the company, in this new normal, workers across industries are benefiting from heads-up and hands-free solutions.

Workers with this will be able to work independently and still easily collaborate with others across their facility, in other buildings or even with employees who are working from home.

Glass Enterprise Edition 2 was announced for $999.

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