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Google photos editing guide: How to use the new editing tools in Google Photos

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Google recently updated its Google Photos app with new editing tools and user interface to offer a much better editing experience. According to the company, it has updated the entire machine learning algorithm and AI capabilities of the app. This means users now have a comprehensive set of options while editing a photo in the Photos app.

However, with tons of new features added to the app and more granular manual controls, the Photos app has become a little more complex than it ever was. In this how-to guide, we will show you how to use the new features in Google Photos for a better result.

Prerequisite: Make sure to update the Google Photos app to its latest version

How to edit a photo in Google Photos


Open Google Photos app and choose a photo you want to edit


Tap on editing option at the bottom of the screen (the icon looks like three horizontal lines with adjustment line in between them)


Now, start scrolling sideways to access different editing options like Crop, adjust and filters


To adjust other aspects of photos, tap on the Adjust option and choose from options like Brightness, Contrast, White Point, Highlights, Saturation, Warmth, Tint, Skin tone and more.


Then tap on the setting you want to adjust and move the slider as per your editing taste and tap Done


Once you are done with all the editing, tap Save button

How to use suggested edit feature in Google Photos
Based on machine learning and artificial intelligence, Google Photos now suggests possible edits based on the photo you are editing. These edits can be applied to a photo with just one tap. Here’s how.


Open Google Photos app, select a photo you want to edit and tap Edit option


To apply suggested edits, tap the suggestion name and tap Enhance option and tap Save

How to apply filters in Google Photos
To apply filters in Google Photos, open a photo in the Photos app and choose Filters. After this select the desired filter and apply. Tap Save to apply the changes. To undo a filter, choose Original option from filters.

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