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Google Recorder app gets new editing features

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Google Pixel smartphones come with a Recorder app for audio recordings and at its Late Night In event, Google has announced a new feature update for the app that is expected to make searching a recorded clip easier. In addition to that, the app is also getting a nifty audio editing feature.
According to The Verge report, the new update in Google Recorder app will let users search a particular clip using the keyword spoken in the recorded audio clip transcript and delete them. Also, the editing feature will enable users to select a snippet from the audio clip and share or delete them from the audio file.
Google has further confirmed that both the features will be available offline and users can use them without the need of internet access. The feature was announced with the Pixel 5, however, it is expected to arrive on older Pixel devices as well.
For those unaware, Google has also announced its new Pixel lineup along with Chromecast with Google TV, Pixel 4a, Pixel 5 at its Late Night In event. The new Pixel 5 comes with a bigger display, improved processor and camera. In addition to that the company has also announced a new editing feature for Google Photos app.

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