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Google Search: Google Search is getting new AI tools to refine what you look for online

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Tech giant Google is adding new AI features to help refine your search further. The new AI tools have been implemented to improve spelling recognition, passage recognition, understanding the subtopics of certain topics, understanding key moments in video etc. Here is how Google Search has been augmented in some detail.
Google has introduced a new spelling algorithm to improve the search engine’s understanding of misspelled words and hence, reduce the mistakes. As per Google, the spelling algorithm uses a “deep neural net” to improve its recognition of wrong spellings and also find the right results within a span of 3 miliseconds. The California-based software giant claims that the new AI spelling update “ makes a greater improvement to spelling than all of our improvements over the last five years.”
Understanding whole passages by the search engine has also been improved. Google claims that it is now able to index not just the web pages but also “individual passages from the pages.” With the new technological addition, it claims that “the specific passage (R) is a lot more relevant to a specific query than a broader page on that topic (L).” As per Google, this technology “will improve 7 percent of search queries across all languages”.
Identifying and understanding the subtopics of a particular topics has also been paid attention to and the update regarding this will be rolled out later this year. Google says that it has employed the neural nets to understand the subtopics for greater diversity of content.
With the AI approach, Google claims that it can now automatically identify key moments in a video by understanding the deep semantics. This technology is currently being tested and the tech giant hopes that by the end of this year, 10 percent of the searches on Google will use this technology.

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