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Google stops botnet that used blockchain to defend itself and impact Windows devices

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Google has stopped a botnet that had control over millions of devices all over the globe. Google took action to disrupt Glupteba, a sophisticated botnet which targets Windows machines and protects itself using blockchain technology. Botnets with such widespread need to be dealt on an industrial level as well as by using law enforcement and legislations. Also Read – Google Stadia comes to LG Smart TVs: How to play games online

Google’s Threat Analysis Group detected the Glupteba botnet and tracked its activities over time. The search giant claims to be in a unique position to disrupt the botnet. Also Read – Ubisoft brings NFTs as ‘Digits’ to AAA games starting with Ghost Recon Breakpoint

What is a botnet

A botnet is a network of devices connected to the internet that have been infected with a type of malware that places them under the control of bad actors. They can then use the infected devices for malicious purposes, such as to steal your sensitive information or commit fraud through your home network. Also Read – Common marketing gimmicks that brands should avoid to exploit consumers

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Glupteba Botnet

The Glupteba botnet currently involves approximately one million compromised Windows devices worldwide, and at times, grows at a rate of thousands of new devices per day. Glupteba is notorious for stealing users’ credentials and data, mining cryptocurrencies on infected hosts, and setting up proxies to funnel other people’s internet traffic through infected machines and routers.

What is being done to deal with it

Legal Path: Google will be launching litigation against the first lawsuit against a blockchain enabled botnet which will create legal liability for the botnet operators, and help deter future activity. Litigation was filed against the operators of the botnet. Google believes that the operators are based in Russia.

Technical action: Google coordinated with industry partners to take technical action. The tech giant has disrupted key command and control infrastructure so those operating Glupteba should no longer have control of their botnet — for now.

How are they using blockchain tech

Glupteba uses blockchain tech to recover from disruptions without a lot of consequences. The decentralized nature of blockchain allows the botnet to recover more quickly.

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