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Saturday, April 17, 2021

Google to soon roll out fix for bug that resets steps to zero in Google Fit

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If you have been facing an issue with your Google Fit device where you see that the step count keeps resetting to zero, then you are not alone.
User Joshua Lebowitz has posted the issue on Google support pages and over 200 hundred users have upvoted it signifying that they too may be facing it.
Responding to the bug, John Bowdre, product expert said that the issue has been escalated to Google and a fix is being rolled out in the form of an application update (version 2.52.13) through the Play Store.
Recently, Google announced that it is rolling out the ability to measure heart rate and respiratory rate in its Google Fit app.
The company announced that it is rolling out the new features for Pixel phone users but it will expand the feature to other Android devices in the future.
According to Google, users will be able to measure their respiratory rate by using their phone’s front-facing camera. “To measure your respiratory rate, you just need to place your head and upper torso in view of your phone’s front-facing camera and breathe normally,” said Google.
When it comes to the measurement of the heart rate, users will have to place their finger on the rear-facing camera sensor.
According to the internet search giant, both features are said to be in multiple real-world conditions and for maximum people, however, these measurements still should not be used for medical diagnosis or to evaluate medical conditions.

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