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Grammarly Tone Detector feature now available on Android, iOS platform

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Be it screenwriters, playwrights, bloggers, or journalists, we all require/prefer writing assistance tools to avoid typos, grammatical errors reflecting in our pieces. While there are a host of writing apps available across platforms, Grammarly takes one the of favourite spot when it comes to accurate grammar checker. The app not just acts as a writing assistant but it is considered to be a high-quality plagiarism checker as well.

This go-to-spelling checker that has been around for over a decade brings an interesting feature to iOS and Android platforms. Grammarly Keyboard for mobile devices has been updated with the true detection feature that was introduced as part of web extension last year.

With the latest update, those using the Grammarly app on their smartphone will be able to get feedback on grammatically accuracy, word choice, capitalisation, punctuation, and more. While the tone detector works by analysing factors, it requires you to type at least 150 words. The feature can identify more than 40 different tones including a range of emotions like formal, confident, optimistic, etc. The tone detector on mobile functions similar to the web extension. You can simply activate it by tapping on the G icon on the keyboard, and it will show you a breakdown of how you may sound to someone reading your text.

That said, to use the tone detector in the Grammarly Keyboard app, you will have to download the latest update via Google Play Store, or Apple App Store. Once the app is updated, just turn on the ‘detection’ option in the app’s settings.

In case you are downloading the app for the first time, you will have to set Grammarly as the default keyboard app to use the feature across apps. To recall, the Grammarly keyboard app for Android and iOS was introduced back in 2017. The US-based company has since been releasing updates for mobile users like the dark theme, emoji search bar, etc.

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