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GTA 6 leaked map reveals new details, but can it be trusted?

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GTA 6 is yet again making headlines on the internet. A series of leaks of the alleged GTA 5 sequel has appeared online showing bits and pieces of the GTA 6 map. Also Read – GTA 6 release date announcement likely this week, single player mode confirmed

GTA 6 leaked map suggests the game to set in Brazil

As cited by Techradar, a total of four maps have been leaked till now, each revealing a different section of the overall map. The recent GTA 6 map leak surfaced on the subreddit which indicates that the upcoming Rockstar game will be set in Rio De Janeiro. The map fragments aren’t of good quality and don’t spare much detail, however, reports speculate that the leaked GTA 6 map could be ‘part of a much larger overall space.’ Also Read – GTA 6 leaked map shows slightly smaller Vice City in comparison to Los Santos

Image source: Subreddit

A previous GTA 6 map leak had earlier revealed a few interesting details like military bases and airports. The developers are widely speculated to bring a female protagonist to the game. Gossip around the upcoming action-adventure title has further suggested that the game will have a modern-day setting, and there will be a giant prison as well. Reports also hint that the game will have a Tarantino flick-inspired ‘chapter’ system. Also Read – Grand Theft Auto 6 story mode could let you play as a female lead

The developers had previously confirmed that the single-player mode will stay intact, which means players will able to experience it in the next-gen action title as well.

“I think you can see that with Online and I think in the future we are going to inject more of that element of a player there,” Scott Butchard, developer at Rockstar Games had earlier told GQ Magazine.

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Image source: Subreddit

To recall, the next GTA title has been in development for at least a decade now. The actual production began in 2015, and reports now indicate that the GTA 6 might arrive in October 2023 which is still two years away. The developers are tight-lipped on everything around GTA 6, but with E3 2021 paving its way in a few days, Rockstar, if not its parent company Take-Two Interactive is expected to shed some details about the next version of GTA 5.

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  1. I wait for gta 6, i play gta online since 2018, Hope everything will be better increased gameplay, graphcics and others.


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