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Signal got popular among Indian consumers after Tesla CEO Elon Musk asked his Twitter followers to join the messaging platform a few months ago. Many users have moved to the secure messaging platform after WhatsApp updated its privacy policy that reveals details of data it shares with parent company Facebook. While Signal is gaining traction among Indian users, it misses out on a lot of features that WhatsApp or even Telegram offers. Over the past few months we have seen Signal add new features to improve the overall user experience. It now plans to add another integral feature that users have been waiting for a long time. Also Read – OnePlus 9, OnePlus 9 Pro first look revealed by company in official poster

The secure messaging platform is working on a feature that will make it easy for users to migrate their Signal account including chats to another or a new device. For now, Signal users need to follow several steps to migrate their account including taking a local backup, transferring the backup file to another device and using the file to restore their data. The feature is currently in beta and should release for all users soon. The exact timeline hasn’t been revealed by the company yet. Also Read – Xiaomi Redmi Note 10 Pro vs Vivo Y51A – Compare Price in India, Full Specifications, and Various Other Features

Signal to bring this new feature

A report coming from TestingCatalogue suggests that the messaging platform could soon bring a new feature to create backup and migration process much easier than ever before. With this, Signal will definitely aim to take on the likes of other messaging platforms such as WhatsApp, which offers an easy way to migrate account between devices. Also Read – Xiaomi Redmi Note 10 Pro vs Vivo Y31 – Head to Head Comparison of Camera, Display, RAM, Processor, and Battery Capacity

The report stated, “Your next upgrade deserves an upgrade. Quickly and securely transfer your Signal information to a brand-new Android phone. Use the end-to-end encrypted migration feature to move your account and messages from an old device to a new device over a private local Wi-Fi Direct connection.”

This feature will implement end-to-end encryption for backup files and this will make the back up and transfer data process to another device secure than before.

How to use the Signal migrate account feature

– Users part of the Signal’s beta programme should already be able to see the ‘Transfer Account’ feature

– Next, head over to the Settings menu and scroll down to the ‘Chats’ section

– Tap on the Transfer Account option

– Next, select Transfer from Android device when prompted

– Tap on ‘Continue’.

Once this is done, migrate your account to the new device. During the process, the feature uses Wi-Fi Direct to migrate accounts, hence, ensure to keep the new and old devices in close proximity.

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