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Here’s what all you need to consider before buying a vacuum cleaner

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Ever since the Coronavirus pandemic infected our lives, there has been a sudden urge to take the cleanliness road and maintain hygiene. The need to clean everything that arrives in our houses, coupled with the constant cleansing process of our surroundings has increased exponentially. However, we might still not be able to keep things clean manually and this where a vacuum cleaner can prove handy. Also Read – Top cordless vaccum cleaners that you can buy in India

This theory has further been proven by a recent study conducted by consumer electronics company Dyson. It has been revealed that harmful dust particles (dust mite allergens, mould spores and other insect allergens) exist even after we are done cleaning the entire house. Their presence can increase the chances of health diseases, which we surely wouldn’t want, given that COVID-19 is enough to scare us all. Also Read – Xiaomi’s Roidmi X30 Pro vacuum cleaner launched for $499 on Indiegogo

Yet again, a vacuum cleaner seems like a good idea and if you are worried about your health and convinced that you need one, we have got you covered. Here’s a quick and easy buying guide you should refer to before you go ‘vacuum cleaner shopping.’ Also Read – Xiaomi launches Mi Robot Vacuum cleaner in India for Rs 17,999: Check features, availability

What to consider before buying a vacuum cleaner?

Step 1: You first need to figure out a budget for yourself and then look for options. There are a plethora of options to go for ranging from under 10K to above 50K. To name a few, we have Eureka Forbes devices under 5K, Phillips PowerPro (Rs 7,180), the Xiaomi Mi Robot Vacuum Mop-P (Rs 24,999), and the Dyson vacuum cleaners going up to Rs 53,000.

Step 2: Now that you have a budget, you need to see the type of vacuum cleaner you want to go for. This is based on the kind of flooring and usability. There are types such as Upright, Canister, Robot, Handheld, Stick, Corded, and Cordless.

–  Upright ones are meant for heavy cleaning

–  Canister for easy moveability, Robot for smartness

–  Handheld for portability

–  Stick for portability and power.

–  Corded and Cordless vacuum cleaners are what you would choose based on how easy you want the task to be.

Considering our urge for convenience, a portable or smart vacuum cleaner seems like a perfect option right now.

You should also figure out what all things you will be cleaning with the device. If there are a number of things, you need to ensure you buy a versatile one to clean all things easily. You should also see that the vacuum cleaner you are purchasing comes with extra attachments to make cleaning various areas easy-breezy.

Step 3: Next is the ease of usage. We need (extra emphasis on need) to have a vacuum cleaner that offers us all the convenience we need. The things to consider in this department are lightweight of the vacuum cleaner, the ability to clean the whole house without much trouble, and the presence of sensors to detect types of flooring or carpeting in your house. The idea is to ensure that the whole house is cleaned without any problem.

Step 4: Another trivial yet important thing to consider before buying a vacuum cleaner is that is shouldn’t be noisy. No one wants a product in their house that makes a lot of noise and disturbs everyone. After all, we need an alternative to the talkative maids we all tend to have!

Tech specs matter too!

Step 5: Now that your convenience and the type of vacuum cleaner are all set, let’s take a moment to consider things technically. You need to ensure the vacuum cleaner you are choosing strong filtration. This would keep in mind that even the smallest of a dust particle is sucked up by the ‘electric housemaid.’

Step 6: You also need to make certain that the vacuum cleaner has a good suction power. It is suggested that 185W of suction power can pick up dust from every nook and corner of the house, along with things such as mattresses, sofas and more that tend to go through the cleansing process once in a blue moon.

Step 7: Now comes the point when you have to see that the battery is fade-free and made up of nickel-cobalt-aluminium for a longer battery run-time. This is something we definitely need so that the vacuum cleaner doesn’t give up after cleaning one room. We need it to do more than that!

Step 8: Another thing to consider is better durability and longevity. When you are investing in something like this, it has to be durable and should last us long enough to not believe our money got wasted.

Step 9: Other tidbits we can look at before buying a vacuum cleaner are the presence of an LED display to keep a check on the various modes it should have for ease of usage, an easy mechanism to empty the trash bin, and a convenient charging dock so that recharging it doesn’t call for the hassle.

We hope that the aforementioned pointers act as the initial step for you to consider buying a vacuum cleaner and finally get one. With dust and dirt all around us, it’s good to keep ourselves clean, which starts from the dearest surroundings: our homes.

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