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PUBG Mobile is currently teasing the arrival of a new crossover event based on the Netflix series Arcane, which is based on the League of Legends game. The teaser poster consists of the words “PUBG Mobile x ‘?’”, while also showing silhouettes of the four characters who will enter the game as a part of the crossover. Also Read – Valorant Chamber Sentinel Agent: Abilities, Ultimate, Episode 3, Act 3 release, and more

Taking a look at the teaser poster, fans are speculating that a PUBG Mobile x League of Legends crossover event is imminent. Also note, League of Legends’ new show Arcane is set to release on Netflix on November 6. Krafton is yet to reveal any further details. Also Read – Battlegrounds Mobile India Dune crossover: How to get Dune-themed pan, parachute, and other rewards

What is League of Legends?

League of Legends is an extremely popular multiplayer online battle arena video game, where two teams of five players battle in player versus player combat, each team occupying and defending their half of the map. The game is developed and published by Riot Games, which is completely owned by the Chinese giant Tencent. Tencent also owns a part of Krafton, which makes it pretty easy to make the deal between the games. Also Read – Is Deadeye the new Valorant agent joining the roster next week?

PUBG Mobile x League of Legends crossover

PUBG Mobile x League of Legends crossover has not been confirmed and should be treated only as speculation. If true, we expect the event to kick off around November 6, when the show starts streaming on Netflix.

The teaser poster revealed by PUBG Mobile on Twitter showcases four characters’ silhouettes from League of Legends, which are most likely Caitlyn, Vi, Jinx, and Jayce.

Apart from the crossover, Krafton is also getting ready for the release of its new PUBG: New State game, which is set for November 11. The game will be made available on Android and iOS in more than 200 countries including India. It currently has more than 50 million pre-registrations on Android and iOS.

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