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Wednesday, May 12, 2021

Here’s why #iPhoneScam is trending on social media platform Twitter

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Twitter has been in the news for the past couple of weeks and it seems controversy isn’t ready to part ways with the micro-blogging platform. Also Read – Top 5 tablets for watching movies, playing games, entertainment, and more

On Wednesday, February 17, the hashtag ‘#iPhoneScam’ was trending on Twitter with many users posting about how an alleged fraudster had been duping people by offering new iPhones are very low prices. The scam has been called out by a YouTuber and what has followed is a series of tweets and allegations against the alleged individual. Also Read – How to participate in Apple’s Get Active India challenge

Let’s take a closer look at what has happened. Also Read – iPhone 13 Mini could launch this year despite poor iPhone 12 Mini sales numbers

What we know

Recently, a YouTuber by the name of Nishant Kumar Singh uploaded a video online accusing founder and owner of Squeaks Media, Neel Patel, of multiple scams. Accompanying Singh in the video was another individual, Abhimanyu Singh Rana, as the duo discussed how Patel had been involved in various alleged scams.

Where Singh is known to make political videos on YouTube, Rana is an independent blogger and writes on politics.

There is a Twitter thread that lists the alleged scams Patel was involved in. They have also accused Patel of using his companies ‘Squeaks Media’ and ‘eGyaan’ to con people.

The highlight of the video however is the discussion on the ‘iPhone scam’.

As per the video, the duo has accused Patel of using his venture ‘NaaradPay’ to offer cheap iPhone to online customers. Patel has also been accused of bolstering his market credibility with the help of online influencers and not making the deliveries of the iPhones to customers who have made the payment.

The pair also alleges that only a few customers have received the deliveries just so that Patel can make people believe that the offer is genuine.

Patel’s response

While Singh and Rana have accused Patel of multiple scams, Patel has taken to Twitter to respond that the delay in the delivery of iPhones is only due to limited availability of the product. He has voiced his vexation about the allegations and had declared that the offer is not a scam and none of the allegations are true.

Currently, the trio is engaged in a verbal battle with supporters from each party joining the spat. The entire controversy has transformed into a cesspool of verbal abuse, memes and more allegations.

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