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Holi: Dos and don’ts to remove colours from your smartphone, smartwatch and other gadgets

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The biggest task after attending a Holi party is to clean up. While most devices are IP68 waterproof, the biggest concern is that the colours tend to stick and leave an ugly stain on gadgets. Here are some dos and don’ts to remove colours from your smartphone, smartwatch and other gadgets.


​What to do if your smartphone gets colour stains

Simply apply liquid hand sanitiser generously on a clean handkerchief or any piece of cloth and rub away the colour marks gently from your phone.



​How to remove stubborn stains from gadgets:

If your phone or any other gadget has got stubborn stains that are refusing to go, buy a bottle of rubbing alcohol or isopropyl alcohol to erase stubborn marks and colours from gadgets.



​Do not put sanitiser or alcohol directly on your phone

Do not directly put hand sanitiser on your phone. Also, do not use gel-based hand sanitiser. If colour stains are too stubborn, you can use alcohol (in very small quantities) to remove them. Again, don’t pour it directly. Put it on a cloth or handkerchief and then rub gently.



​Use a tape to protect ports of your smartphone while cleaning

Use a tape to cover the openings like speakers, mic, charging port and headphone jack. This will prevent dry colours from getting stuck inside.



​How to remove colour stains easily from any gadget

If any gadgets get a colour stain, the easiest way to clean it is by using liquid hand sanitiser with 70% alcohol. Always use a cloth to wipe the hand sanitiser and do not apply it directly on the device. For better cleaning, you may also rub alcohol.



​Do not use detergent solution to clean smartphones and other gadgets

Do not use soap water or detergent solution to clean colours from smartphones and other gadgets as they may cause damage to these devices.



​How to clean headphones and earphones:

Use an adhesive putty or sticky tapes to clear the vents and edges of gunk and wax. Spray some liquid hand sanitiser on to a clean handkerchief and rub it gently across the headphones or earbuds to remove colours or other stains.



​How to clean smart bands and smartwatches

Use rubbing alcohol to wipe silicone bands. If your watch band is made of nylon then use a soap solution with very little amount of soap. For metal bands, simply use a lint-free cloth to wipe some rubbing alcohol on it. For cleaning the main device and sensors, you can use hand sanitiser in small quantities.

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