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How Apple may get an iPhone to do an ‘important’ task without a port – Latest News

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Among all the rumours about the next iPhone that are coming in, the most intriguing one suggests that Apple may offer a completely portless device.

Now, as a follow up to that, a report by Appleosophy has claimed that due to the missing Lightning port, Apple will have to offer a new method for the recovery process. Right now, recovering an iPhone that is in an unresponsive state requires it to be connected to another device, typically via the Lightning port on the base. Perhaps that’s why a missing Lightning port may make it difficult to do this.

As per the report, the Cupertino-based tech giant is working on something called Internet Recovery that will enable iPhone users to make the iPhone enter a mode that will allow it to recover.

For this, the software teams at Apple are said to be working on evaluating three ways.

The first method would require users to put iPhones in a manual recovery mode, which would trigger the Internet Restore broadcast. This would then be searched and found by nearby devices that would have iTunes installed to further guide users to restore their handsets. “This is the primary preferred method developers are currently focusing their attention on,” mentioned the report.

The second method will make a user’s device automatically head to Internet Recovery mode and the third method would depend on Bluetooth.

The report adds that it still may be a while before this becomes a reality as “engineers and developers who have been testing these new methods have a long way to go as currently they are too slow still for a proper roll out for broader testing.”

Therefore it remains to be seen if this information turns out to be true for the iPhone 13 models — that are expected to be launched in September — or some future iPhone models.

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