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How to apply for e-pass, who are eligible, Delhi night curfew timings, and more

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COVID-19 cases in India are growing rapidly, due to which many states have decided to impose a night curfew, including Delhi. The night curfew in Delhi will be imposed from 10 PM to 5 AM till April 30, 2021, except for essential activities and services. While some are exempted from the restrictions, all others will need an e-pass to travel during the curfew hours. Also Read – How to register for COVID-19 vaccine, download vaccine certificate

For instance, doctors, nursing staff, officials related to the functioning of offices of Diplomats, etc will be allowed to travel by showing a valid I-card. Also, pregnant women and patients will be allowed to travel as well. People traveling to and from airports or railway stations and ISBTs will be allowed to travel as well if they produce a valid ticket. Also Read – Rapido is offering free rides to people getting COVID-19 vaccination: Check full list of designated hospitals

Delhi night curfew: Who will need e-pass?

Those allowed to travel during the Delhi night curfew with a valid e-pass include those dealing with essentials good shops for foods, groceries, dairy products, etc, banks, insurance offices, print and electronic media, delivery of essential goods, petrol, LPG, CNG and gas related storage outlets, private security services, and more. The full list can be accessed here. Also Read – How to find COVID-19 testing centres in India online using Delhi Corona, Google apps

“E-Pass is being issued for those who are engaged in providing essential services, but do not have a government ID,” the Delhi government website reads. “If your work-related travel is limited to day-time, you Do NOT have to apply for this e-Pass.”

More importantly, those going for COVID-19 vaccination will also need an e-pass to travel during the Delhi night curfew.

Delhi night curfew: How to get e-pass

• Those eligible can apply for Delhi night curfew e-pass on the ‘https://epass.jantasamvad.org/epass/init/’ link.

• Here, you will need to choose your language to proceed, whether English or Hindi.

• From the drop-down menu, select ‘e-pass for travel during night-curfew (10 PM-5 AM)’.

• Here, fill in details like name, contact number, address of office, type of service, and the duration for which the e-pass is required.

• You will need to upload an ID proof as well as other documents like a business card or shop license, etc.

• Finally, tick the acknowledgment check box and click on “Submit”.

•  Upon completion, the e-pass Reference Number will be sent to you using which you can check whether you have gotten the e-pass or not.

How to check status of your e-pass

• Open the ‘https://epass.jantasamvad.org/epass/init/’ link.

• Choose your language to proceed, whether English or Hindi.

• You should see a banner, which reads, “If you already submitted an ePass application, click here to Check Status”.

• Click on “Check Status”.

• Here you will need to enter the 7 character ePass ID sent to you to check status.

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