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How to block someone on LinkedIn without them getting to know

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LinkedIn is one of the most popular platforms amongst professionals looking to expand their network. However, due to the platform being geared towards professionals to help them socialise and grow their circle, that sometimes leads to getting invitations from people whom you don’t know or you don’t wish to connect with. To help you avoid such situations, LinkedIn has a blocking mechanism in place to help you block people who keep sending you invites or messages. Also Read – Big threat for Google, Twitter, WhatsApp, and LinkedIn users

Blocking people on LinkedIn will not allow them to connect with you, and both of you will not be able to see each other’s profiles. Additionally, keep in mind, that LinkedIn only allows its users to block up to 1,000 people in total. Also Read – How to switch to Hindi language on LinkedIn

How to block someone on LinkedIn

To block someone on LinkedIn, you need to visit the profile of the person you want to block. Then you need to click on the ‘More’ option and click on the “Report/Block” option. Now click on the “Block” option from inside of the pop-up window. Also Read – Personal data of almost 500 mn LinkedIn users for sale online, Co deny breach

Note: The person getting blocked will not get any notifications about the activity unless you have shared a LinkedIn recruiter account with the person.

Once you Block a person, they will still be able to see the information that you have made public. However, if you change your profile settings to private, they will not be able to see anything.

If you do not want to block a person, then you can remove the LinkedIn connection. The person will not get notified about the removal, but any recommendation or endorsement between both of you will be removed.

If you think people might go through your connection list on LinkedIn, you can simply hide your connections by clicking on your profile picture and selecting the “Settings and Privacy” option. Now inside of the visibility tab, you can set who can see your connections. There you can select the ‘Only you’ option to block everyone’s access to your connections list.

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