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How to clear cookies, cache on Android in simple steps

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Is your smartphone running slow lately? Are you unable to open apps on your device? Two of those culprits could be the cookies and cache, behind the sluggishness. Most of our day revolves around surfing the internet and each web browser typically ends up collecting data. Also Read – Google Android 12 for TV rolling out with some much-needed features: Check details

Simply to explain, the cache is basically the data stored by web browsers that to help load websites faster. Meanwhile, cookies are used to store user-specific information including preferences. But cookies can be used by websites to track browsing history, and this is where things get quite nasty. In case you browse a few websites to check a particular product’s price or features, you would up end seeing ads pop up on the screen the next time you open a browser. This can be annoying at times with data filling up the screen that we may no longer need, but there would still be cookies underneath the system. Also Read – Netflix launches 3 new Android games on Play Store: Wonderputt Forever, Knittens, Dominoes Cafe

To save from such nuisance, there are a few solutions that you can apply to keep your web browser running smoothly. Also Read – Steam support coming to Chrome OS devices soon

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How to clear cache, cookies on Android

From Chrome

-To delete cookies, cache from Chrome on your Android phone tap on the More button in the top right corner.

-Then tap on History, then select Clear browsing data.

-Alternately, you can go to Settings> Chrome> Storage & cache

-After this, you would be able to clear Cache and storage separately

Mozilla Firefox

The steps are similar to those in Google Chrome. To clear cookies, and cache from the Mozilla Firefox Android app here’s what you need to do-

-Tap the More button that you will see at the top right corner with three vertical dots.

-Tap Settings, and then navigate for Delete browsing data.

-Under it you can delete any existing Open tabs, your Browsing history, and site data, Site permissions, besides Cookies, and cache.

One of the primary reasons behind clearing cache, and cookies are related to privacy, and security. While web browsers may keep a track of your browsing history it is better to avoid unwanted eyes spying over your credentials.

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