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How to get battery life report on Windows 10 laptops – Latest News

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Battery life is probably among the most important things one notices in a laptop apart from specifications and features.

Checking battery life on any laptop has never been a problem as any operating system shows estimated battery life by just clicking on the battery icon along with the battery percentage remaining and the estimated time it’s going to last for.

That’s completely dependent upon the current state of the laptop and the tasks running at the moment. For example a laptop running Microsoft Word showing 6 hours battery life remaining will probably won’t last that long if you will start using Chrome on it.

So how do we get the exact battery life and a complete battery report of a laptop. Well, doing that on a Mac is a fairly easy job, however things are a little tricky with Windows 10 laptops.

Wondering how? Follow our step-by-step guide:

How to get the battery report on Windows 10 PC


Open Start Menu and search Command Prompt and run as administrator


Click Yes on UAC prompt


Now, type the command :powercfg /batteryreport /output “C:battery_report.html into the command prompt.


We are exporting the battery report to the root directory of C drive to make things easier to find.


Once done, head to C: drive and look for a file battery_report.html and double click on it to open


Do note that this is an HTML file and you will need any browser like Chrome, Edge, etc to open it.

Dissecting the report

The report itself is pretty detailed. At the beginning you will find the hardware details such as OS version, manufacturer details, etc. Scrolling down, you will find battery information such as capacity, battery type and other information.

There you will find the Recent Usages section. This section tells you details like time, state (active, suspended), power source, remaining capacity of the battery.

In simple words, this section talks about when the laptop was on sleep, charging or fully charged.

Battery capacity history: This section shows complete data about the battery history of the laptop since the OS installed. It will show your power cycles from the time the OS was installed on the system.

This is the most important section and most people should be looking for this in order to find the battery status and battery life of the laptop.

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