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How to identify genuine MagSafe charger using this cool trick

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As with almost every Apple accessory, it is very likely you will find a fake or first copy version of the recently launched MagSafe charger as well. So, if you are wondering whether the one you’ve bought from some random store or online retail stores is genuine or not. Here’s a small guide for you.

Fake Apple accessories are common practice in the market. Most of them look so authentic that it is almost impossible to decide where it is original or counterfeit. Well, Apple has made identifying them simpler, at least for MagSafe charger.

Here’s how to check where your MagSafe Charger is genuine


First up, connect your MagSafe Charge with your iPhone 12 smartphone


Then, head to the Settings app


Tap on General and tap About


Scroll down to find the Apple MagSafe Charger option

Tap on this option to reveal your charger’s model number, serial number, firmware details and more.

Match these details with the one printed on the box of your MagSafe charger. If they match, then the charger is authentic. Also, in the case of the fake MagSafe charger, Apple, one the first place won’t show you any details.

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