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How to Install TeamViewer on Arch Linux – Linux Hint

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TeamViewer is a remote connection software that allows connections between multiple users of different systems through desktop sharing. It is a vital tool that allows many users to share videos, conferencing, and file transfers with other computers throughout the world. TeamViewer optimizes instant remote access and real-time support between connecting devices. An unlimited number of devices at once can connect through this program. This guide helps you to understand the needs of this application and provides its method of installation. Note that TeamViewer does not officially support Arch Linux. To install the TeamViewer software, you must go through the packaging. In this article, we will show you how to quickly establish TeamViewer in Arch Linux.

Installation Process

TeamViewer is not an officially supportive application in Arch Linux. To install TeamViewer, you must first download the supportive community package through the Git clone method, which is a simple process.

Installing the TeamViewer via Git

The following include the primary operations required to install and run TeamViewer with the supportive Git package.


To install TeamViewer, the essential requirement encompasses Pacman’s availability. In addition, you must log in as the Sudo user on your system. It is better to update your existing packaging before installing the application.

First, update your Pacman package via the following command:

The Pacman package must be updated to run the TeamViewer smoothly.

Installation Without AUR

To run the TeamViewer without the AUR helper, first, download the TeamViewer. The following command is used to download the TeamViewer dependency:

Next, install the Git control system to operate TeamViewer in Arch Linux. To do so, issue the following command:

$ git clone https://aur.archlinux.org/teamviewer.git

To locate TeamViewer and place it in its respective repository, enter the following command:

The next command is used to quickly build the TeamViewer in the individual servers:


This article explains how to efficiently and quickly install TeamViewer on Arch Linux. The TeamViewer program can facilitate connections between unlimited users at a time. The usage of the TeamViewer program to connect users is effortless. You just need to log in. The TeamViewer software installation process has been explained step by step in this article to eliminate any confusion. I hope that this article has helped clarify this process for readers.

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