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How to Mention a contact in Google Docs

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Google recently added a new Mention feature to its word processing service. Using the new feature, users can now mention or link another user right from their contact list into the Google Docs. Users can choose to share the document with the mentioned person in Docs. Here’s how to use this feature.

Before proceeding with the steps, make sure to download the latest version of Google Chrome and a Google Account (work or personal).

How to mention a person in Google Docs


Open Google Docs on Chrome and login using Google Account


Now, create a new document or open an existing one


The type ‘@’ symbol anywhere in the document.


This will open a drop-down menu showing recent contacts. You can simply start typing the name after the @ symbol and select the contact from the drop-down menu.

How to share the document using Mention feature
Although, sharing a Docs file is not at all a tricky task, mentioning someone in the documents automatically opens up a dialogue box seeking permission to share the document with the mentioned person.

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