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How to protect your Android phone from one of the biggest ‘dangers’ on WhatsApp – Latest News

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The popularity of WhatsApp in India is attracting the wrong kind attention and of late it has become hotbed for scams along with misinformation. For scammers, phishing has become one of the most popular go-to tools for frauds. And with almost all smartphone users in India using WhatsApp, scammers are now sending unique phishing messages on WhatsApp.

Also, with WhatsApp groups, the situation is becoming worse every day as scams spread quickly. Scammers are designing new messages with malicious links that appear to look real but the moment you click you risk giving away personal information including banking details.

Having said that another common problem that is actually helping scammers is the fact that very few smartphone users in India actually invest in a reliable mobile security application or simply an anti-virus solution.

Phishing attacks involve two things: a bait, which is a message, and a hook– the malicious URL. The message can be sent via email, WhatsApp message, SMS or any form of electronic message delivery through which the URL can be sent. Reports suggest that more than emails and SMS, people are more likely to fall for such scams if they receive such messages on WhatsApp from known contacts. In most cases, people do not even realise that they are sending a phishing message on WhatsApp to their friends as they blindly keep forwarding random texts on WhatsApp.

So, what happens when you click on any link that you get on WhatsApp? The link may either lead you to a fake login page of any social media platform like Facebook, Instagram, etc or can even take you to a fake banking page. Sometimes, clicking these links may automatically download a malware secretly on your phone in the background. The malware may compromise your personal information including photos and videos.

The easiest thing to do is to add an extra protection layer in your smartphone to invest in a reliable mobile security solution. Mobile security is more than just anti-virus protection. It should be equipped with privacy protection, device and Wi-Fi security and other elements to provide overall protection.

Keeping this in mind, it may be a good idea to use an anti-virus solution. One option can be
Norton Mobile Security for Android, priced at Rs 999 for the first year. It claims to offer protection for three mobile devices and help detect malicious websites while browsing or when you get any link via SMS, MMS, email, WhatsApp and other social networking sites.

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