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How to recover deleted Google Photos on Android and iOS: Follow these simple steps

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Nowadays, everyone uses Google Photos as an online backup as they are completely protected. Additionally, the photos and videos can also be backed up. Many times due to some reason the photos and videos get deleted, after which users look for the process on the Internet to restore them. Also Read – Google Photos iOS gets new editing tools: Portrait Light, Blur, Smart Suggestions and more

Here are a few simple steps through which you can recover deleted photos and videos from Google Photos Also Read – Google Photos revamp to be rolled out soon: Report

How to recover deleted photos from Google Photos on Android

STEP1: To restore a photo or video on an Android phone, Android tablet, open the Google Photos app. Also Read – Google Photos app gets smarter with video edits and paid editing tools

STEP2: At the bottom, tap Library, go to the Trash folder.

STEP3: Find the photo or video you want to restore. Touch and hold a photo or video.

STEP4: Press the Restore option at the bottom.

STEP5: The photo or video will be moved back to the phone’s Gallery app, Google Photos library, and the album it was in.

STEP6: On your computer, you can go to photos.google.com.

STEP7: Click the Trash folder on the left side of the window.

STEP8: Place your cursor over the photo or video you want to restore, then click Select.

STEP9: Click on Restore at the top right.

STEP10: The photo or video will be restored to your Google Photos account and added back to any albums it was in.

Just like on Android, it is very easy to restore deleted Google Photos on iPhone and iPad devices. Follow the steps given below:

How to recover deleted photos from Google Photos on iPhone

STEP1: Open Google Photos on your iOS device and select the ‘Bin’ option by tapping on the three-line menu in the top left.

STEP2: Here, you will see a menu with three dots on the top right corner. You have to tap on it and choose ‘Select.’

STEP3: Now you have to choose the photos which you want to restore.

STEP4: After selecting the photos, tap on the ‘Restore’ button

STEP5: Doing so will return all the photos you selected to the app’s photo library.

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