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How to recover permanently deleted screenshots, images on iPhone

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So your iPhone is running out of space and deleted some unnecessary files. But what if you have mistakenly removed those important screenshots that you’d kept for later usage. Thankfully, iPhone provides the option to retrieve permanently deleted screenshots, given you do it in 30 days exit window. In case you are not aware of how to recover deleted screenshots on your iPhone, here’s how to do it. Also Read – Snapchat for iOS gets new features: Here’s how to use Bitmoji Reactions, Poll Stickers

How to recover permanently deleted screenshots on iPhone

Step 1- Open the Photos app on your iPhone Also Read – Microsoft research show how macOS bug could let hackers gain access to your data

Step 2- Navigate and look for the Recently Deleted option. Also Read – Apple is no longer letting iPhone users stay on iOS 14 with security updates

Step 3- All the deleted photos in the past 30 days will show up here. It even shows the number of days a photo has left before being removed automatically. You will find the details at the bottom of each image’s thumbnail.

Step 4- Now tap on the image that you want to retrieve, and then tap ‘Recover,’ this will send it back to your Camera Roll, and voila there you have your deleted screenshot. It is worth mentioning that the same method applies for recovering Photos from the Photos app.

In case you want to restore a deleted image or screenshot here’s what you will need to do-

– Open the Photos app again, tap on Albums, and scroll down to the bottom of the menu.

-Then tap Recently Deleted that you will find under Utilities.

-Look for the image that you want to restore, then tap and hold the image to expand the thumbnail.

-Select Recover to send the image to your Camera Roll.

– A verification button will appear, select Recover Photo to confirm, and send the image back to your Camera Roll.

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