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How to remove your Google account access from third-party apps: Step-by-step guide

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Smartphones have made our lives smart. It is not just the hardware, operating, system, or touchscreen display making things easier for us, but the apps are also responsible for handling most of our smartphone-based work. We are so used to interacting with apps for everything that we sometimes forget that some apps pose a security threat. Also Read – How to remove Google Account from PC, browser permanently

We often use several apps related to shopping, travel, studies, and social media and give them access to our Google sign-up. But this is not safe. To protect your device from hackers, you need to take safety steps or remove third-party apps from your smartphone. Also Read – Here’s how to ensure that your Google Accounts are secure

The less your third-party app is connected to the Google Account, the less likely it will be hacked. You can remove or check third-party apps by these methods. Also Read – Here’s how to turn on two-factor authentication for your Google account

STEP1: If you use an Android phone, first of all, go to your phone’s settings.

STEP2: After going to Settings, find the option of Google Account and click on it.

STEP3: You will get information about all your apps.

STEP4: Now click on the app from which you want to remove Google access.

STEP5: Go to the security section and click on third party app with account access.

STEP6: Click on manage third-party app access.

STEP7: You will get information about apps where you have logged in with your Google account.

STEP8: Click on the one you want to remove access to.

Android Smartphone (second method)

  1. Connect your Internet to Android
  2. Open your Google App, which is part of Google Suite
  3. Tap on the Google Account icon on the right corner
  4. Tap on Manage Your Google Account
  5. Then go to Security

For laptop and tablet

Laptop and tablet users can remove access to third-party apps in this way

  1. Open Google account on a trusted browser
  2. It will be better to open on updated google chrome
  3. Open a new tab on the browser
  4. Click on the right corner of the account
  5. Tap on Manage Your Google Account
  6. Click on Security on the left side
  7. Follow step three of the first method

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