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How to restart Bluetooth in Ubuntu? – Linux Hint

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While you are using Ubuntu Linux, you may want to watch Netflix or YouTube videos with your Bluetooth headset. The interaction of various modules such as Bluez, PulseAudio, drivers, Linux kernel, and client applications allow Bluetooth to work. However, in Ubuntu, you could face some issues in establishing the Bluetooth connection.

For instance, you may experience some problems with Bluetooth connectivity after suspending the whole system. In this case, you think that restarting the entire system for making the Bluetooth headset work is the right option. You also go for the “universal solution, ” removing the device and pairing it up again. Unfortunately, these solutions are not going to work for you in Ubuntu. After significant research, we have compiled some solutions for restarting Bluetooth in Ubuntu. To solve this problem, try each of these solutions one at a time.

Method 1: Restarting Bluetooth Service

First of all, restart the Bluetooth by utilizing the below-given command:

$ sudo service Bluetooth restart

Now, load the kernel modules.

Again, enable the Bluetooth after the restart.

$ sudo systemctl enable Bluetooth

Method 2: Using “Rfkill” to Unblock Bluetooth

In this method, firstly, we will update and upgrade the whole Ubuntu system.

Enter “y” to permits the packages to be upgraded.

Now, start the service of Bluetooth.

$ sudo systemctl start Bluetooth

Check out Bluetooth service status by writing out the following command in your terminal.

$ sudo systemctl status Bluetooth

Rfkill is a tool that many Linux users use for enabling and disabling wireless devices. In this method, we will use rfkill to unblock the Bluetooth of our system.

$ rfkill unblock Bluetooth

Method 3: Using “Blueman” Bluetooth Management Utility

There also exists a GTK+ utility for managing Bluetooth for GNOME, which uses Bluez D-bus at the backend. This utility is known as Blueman. In this solution, we will give it a try to fix our Ubuntu Bluetooth connectivity problem.

Write out the below-given command for installing “Blueman” on your system.

$ sudo apt install Blueman

Enter “y” to permit the process to continue the installation.

Now, add the following repository.

$ sudo add-apt-repository ppa:blaze/rtbth-dkms

Enter to continue.

Again, update your system packages.

It’s time to install the “rtbth-dkms” utility.

$ sudo apt-get install rtbth-dkms

Write out “y” to continue the installation of this Bluetooth management utility.

Open up the modules file, comment all lines, and lastly, add “rtbth” in this file.

Now, reboot the system and open the Blueman manager.

I hope that this would fix your Bluetooth connectivity issue, and you will be able to restart Bluetooth in your Ubuntu system.


Watching YouTube videos or Netflix with a Bluetooth headset is assumed to be ideal for any Ubuntu user who wants to spend his spare time. What if you face any connectivity issue between the Bluetooth headset and your system? You will look forward to restarting your Bluetooth system. This is where this article comes to rescue you! We have provided you three different methods for restarting Bluetooth in your Ubuntu system.

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