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How to Set Any Song as a Custom iPhone Ringtone

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You might have stumbled upon several articles to determine how exactly you are supposed to get your desired song set as a ringtone on your iPhone to get away with the built-in insipid tracks. 

And not an entire song, but specific lyrics that you want to soothe your soul with. 

After having this read for 5 minutes, I assure you would already be having your track changed.

Amazing, right? 

Before we dive into it, you may give Klingeltöne a visit to select a track from a broad range of categories, enlisted.

There’s no way to proceed if you don’t have iTunes installed. 

Yeah, you would find plenty of videos on the internet claiming that it can be done even without iTunes, and you don’t necessarily need it. But, let me tell you that most of those videos would land you nowhere. 

So, it’s the first step to initiate the process ahead. 

You are free to download it from anywhere on the internet but make sure the version you download is compatible with your Laptop.

Step 2: Add Your Desired Track to Library 

No rocket science to discover!

Just follow the mini-steps I’m guiding you through. 

– In the left upper corner, Click on File > Add File to Library 

Further elaborated in the image attached below

Clicking this option will lead you to a new window, where you need to select the song track you want to set as a ringtone. 

For further clarification, check the image attached. 

Once it’s added, the File would show itself up in the Library section. 

  • Step 3: Set your track limits

Keenly observe this step, as this is where you would be setting a track limit OR, in other words, you would be trimming your track. 

Don’t get confused; it’s easy-Let us help you. 

Right Click on the added track in the library > Song Info

Song Info > Options

– From Options > Set the limits as I did in the image below

Once trimmed, hop on to the next step.

Step 4: Covert it into AAC

Here, the song is to be converted from MP3 to AAC. 

(Make sure the track is selected all this time.)

– Click File (Upper left corner) > Convert

Convert to AAC

A new file (AAC) would be created in the Library section (You may delete the previous MP3 File now if you feel like it). 

  • Step 5: Alter the Extension of your Track

Now, the extension of the File is to be altered to M4r. 

Right Click on the Track > Show in Windows Explorer (Illustrated below) 

Clicking this option will get you to a new window, and here you’d be renaming it to change the extension. 

– Simply Right Click on the track > Rename > SongName.M4r

You’re more than halfway through.

  • Step 6: Connect your iPhone & Drag the Track to be added

Now, you need to connect your iPhone to the Laptop.

– A pop-up would appear on your phone, select “Trust this Computer.” 

– When done, you would see a Phone tab located in your iTunes. 

Click this tab (as shown by arrow), and Drag the SongName.M4r file to Device > Tone (section)

Almost there, one last step to perform. 

  • Step 7: Follow the Steps Mentioned in Image

You’ve successfully added a song to your device. You are now required to set this song as your ringtone via your iPhone. 

Simply follow the steps described:

(Remember, these steps are to be performed on your iPhone)

– Go to Settings > Sounds and Haptics

– Slide the screen down and > Ringtone 

– From that opened list, give your desired track a check (✔)

Unable to find the track compatible to your personality type? Sonnerie could be a solution to this. 

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