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How to set up Mariadb Galera cluster on Ubuntu or Debian Linux

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MariaDB Galera Cluster

This guide explains how to set up MariaDB high-availability cluster for the database using the Galera library, which provides a virtual mater-to-master three-node cluster running on Debian or Ubuntu Linux.

Software and hardware requirements

  • Minimum three VMs running at cloud providers or bare metal servers. Always keep an ODD number of servers.
  • Ubuntu 20.04 or Debian 10/11 Linux LTS release. The instructions will not work on other operating systems such as FreeBSD or other Linux distros such as RHEL/SUSE due to different tools (e.g., firewall). However, one can always adopt it.
  • MariaDB server with Galera library on each VM. The cluster is made of two components (replication engine called Galera and database called MariaDB).
  • The MariaDB cluster is protected using password-based authentication, TLS, VLAN/VPC, and firewall for security and privacy. The cluster will not accept any traffic from the Internet or public interfaces at all.

This guide will cover the following topics:

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