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How to store WhatsApp Chat, Data, Media File

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WhatsApp’s plan of updating its privacy policy has created a ruckus among users of late. While the update of privacy policy was due for February 8, the Facebook-owned app following criticism had to delay it till May 15. Also Read – WhatsApp privacy policy: Here’s what happens if you do not accept by May 15

WhatsApp earlier said that it will allow users to review the privacy update at their “own pace,” and that it will display a banner explaining the changes. An air of confusion and misinformation is already circulating within the WhatsApp community. And while users are concerned as to what data the cross-platform will share, the US-based messaging service has asked to comply with the new terms. In case users don’t accept the new changes, they won’t have the full functionality of WhatsApp. For those users who are feeling a bit reluctant to ‘comply’ with the new privacy policy, here are few alternate measures that you can check. Also Read – WhatsApp Privacy Policy latest update: New Terms of Service alert shows up for some users

WhatsApp: How to restore data, media

First up, backup all your data on WhatsApp, but before following these steps you should keep in mind that the data on WhatsApp can be recovered only if you have set up backups to your Google Drive. Here’s how to recover, preserve WhatsApp data and media. Also Read – WhatsApp assures govt: Committed to protection of privacy of personal conversations

Delete WhatsApp from your Android device.

Open the Google Play Store and reinstall WhatsApp

Once you have re-installed the app, open it, and verify your phone number

The app once set up; you will get a prompt asking you to “Restore” your chats from your Google Drive.

Tap restore and then press NEXT.

All of your backed-up messages and media should now be restored.

In case you want to preserve your WhatsApp messages, here’s how you can back up to Google Drive.

Open WhatsApp and tap the three dots you will see at the top right corner of the screen.

Tap ‘’Settings” and then select “Chats”

Following this tap “Chat backup,” and then select “Backup to Google Drive” and click anything other than “Never.”

Select the Google account that you want to use for your WhatsApp backups and then select “Back up over”

WhatsApp: How to transfer data to other apps

For migrating data to other apps, here are the steps that you can follow.

Transferring data to Telegram

First thing, update both apps on your device to their latest version. Open WhatsApp chat that you want to import on Telegram, from the contact menu select Export chat. Following this you will be given two options- “Attach Media” or “Without Media.” Select accordingly and then choose telegram from iOS Share Sheet. Select the contact you want to assign imported WhatsApp chat to and tap “Import.”

Transferring data to Signal

Install the Signal app and enter the necessary credentials. Once the app is set up select the ‘New group’ option, add a contact in order to set up a group, name the group and click on ‘Create.’ Within the group window click the three dots at top right corner, tap on ‘Group settings’ option. tap on ‘Group link’ and turn it on. Then click ‘Share’ to get a shareable link for the group. Following this, copy the link and share it with WhatsApp contacts in the group. Users should keep in note that older chats on WhatsApp won’t get transferred to Signal.

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