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How to track your sleep using Apple Watch

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Apple WatchOS 7 introduced a sleep tracking feature which lets users track their sleep pattern using Apple Watch. This can be useful for people who have disturbed sleep patterns and want to know more about their sleep cycle so that they can improve it. For other users too, it may help them understand their sleep cycles and quality better.

The sleep tracking feature allows users to create multiple schedules which includes sleep goals, the wake up time and go to bed, and an alarm to wake you up.

Note: Sleep tracking feature is available on Apple Watch Series 3 and above.

Here is how to use the Sleep tracking feature on Apple Watch:


Set up Sleep on Apple Watch

Open Sleep on your Apple Watch> Follow the onscreen instructions.
(You can also do this through the Health App on your iPhone).


Set you bedtime

Tap your current bedtime> Turn the Digital Crown to set a new wake up and sleep time.


Change or add a sleep schedule

Tap Full Schedule and you can do one of the following
Change sleep schedule
Add a sleep schedule
Change your sleep goal
Change wind down mode( The time you want sleep mode to be active before bedtime)


Change sleep options

You can open Settings app on your Apple Watch and change the sleep options.


View your recent sleep history

Open the Sleep app on your Apple Watch and scroll down to see your sleep history.

Article by- Aaditya Surya Vedantam


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