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How YouTube may help Google fight Amazon

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Google already makes a lot of money by showing ads on YouTube. But the end goal for YouTube may be to venture into e-commerce. A report by Bloomberg claims that Google may be preparing YouTube to sell products directly. Youtube is flooded with product videos. Be it toys, electronics, clothes, cosmetics and others, you will find videos of every kind of product on YouTube. Now, instead of YouTubers telling you to click the Amazon link to buy a certain product, Google wants to convert YouTube into an e-commerce site altogether.
Whatever products are showcased on YouTube can be purchased right from the video itself. “The goal is to convert YouTube’s bounty of videos into a vast catalog of items that viewers can peruse, click on and buy directly, according to people familiar with the situation. The company is also testing a new integration with Shopify Inc. for selling items through YouTube,” said the report by Bloomberg.
YouTube reportedly has already confirmed that it is actually testing these features with a few select YouTube channels. “Creators will have control over the products that are displayed, the spokesperson said,” it added.
Google already has something called Google Shopping– which is a collection of large retail stores. Now to convert YouTube into a shopping platform, Google will be most likely using Google Shopping to its advantage.
Google hasn’t had much to do with this e-commerce revolution and it seems YouTube is its biggest asset when it comes to making people buy products online that they see in videos. “On a recent earnings call, Chief Executive Officer Sundar Pichai suggested YouTube’s sea of popular product “unboxing” videos could be turned into a shopping opportunity,” the report added.
Amazon has also started to integrate product videos on its platforms from bloggers and media houses, especially for smartphones. The idea of using videos to sell products has been there for quite some time and the time may be just ripe for Google to flex YouTube’s muscles.

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