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Huawei phones now have a tool that could solve app crisis on AppGallery

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If you want to buy a Huawei phone, one of the main obstacles that can prevent you from doing so is the lack of Google apps. With the US trade ban still in place, Huawei phones can’t ship with Google services and hence, have to rely on Huawei’s AppGallery to distribute apps and games. Huawei says it continues to increase the number of app on its store and with a new tool, it can help Android developers port their apps faster. Also Read – Huawei to pump in $1B on car tech in 2021

Huawei’s partner, Bluesource, developed an SDK for Raiffeisen Bank to port its mobile app for the Huawei AppGallery. Called ChoiceSDK, the tool is so popular that it is now being released for all developers around the globe. With this SDK, developers will be able to port their app on Google Play to AppGallery easily and quickly. Also Read – More foldable phones coming in 2021, Oppo could be next to join the bandwagon

Huawei may have solved the app problem on its phones

The new tool has already been used by organisations in Austria like the Postal Service, the national TV, and the Railways. One of the company’s executives says that the tool removes the complexity from the process, leading developers to quickly adapt and port their apps. Also Read – India could block China’s Huawei over security concerns, says officials: Report

Huawei Mate 40

Hence, if you resented making the switch to a Huawei phone so far due to the lack of your favourite Android app, you could now have an opportunity to do so. However, the SDK still does not solve the issue of lack of Google apps on Huawei smartphones. As a result, you still won’t be able to use Gmail, Maps, Google Assistant, and other Google services on this phone.

While Huawei is currently shipping devices with an Android-based EMUI OS, the company will move on to its newer HarmonyOS later this year. HarmonyOS will not only power smartphones but other IoT devices as well as smart cars. Similar to Google’s Android, HarmonyOS is open source and can be used on all kinds of smart tech products.

Huawei’s latest smartphone launch came in the form of the Mate X2 folding smartphone for China. It resembles the Samsung Galaxy Z Fold 2 but has a more practical form factor with a wider outer display. The inner folding display has no camera cutout and supports refresh rate of 90Hz.

Honor, on the other hand, is expected to return to the Android ecosystem after its split from Huawei a few months ago. The company is currently selling a bunch of affordable smartphones as well as premium smartwatches and fitness bands.

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