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Monday, April 12, 2021

India’s massive warehouses need lots of tech & talent – Latest News

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With GST and e-commerce came large automated warehouses, some of which can stock a million or more products. The trend got a big fillip during the pandemic as e-commerce soared. Massive warehouses are emerging that can only be managed with extensive robotisation, automation and digitisation. That’s driving the need for specialised tech talent.

Abhijit Verma, CEO of the Avigna Group, which offers warehousing solutions, says automation in warehouse management has led to the demand for professionals such as warehouse automation engineer, quality assurance engineer, data warehouse test engineer, and cloud consultants.

Ramesh Madisetty, CEO & co-founder of warehouseing solutions provider SafeStorage, says that following Covid, the company automated a number of areas. It created an automated storage calculator which lets customers know the storage price precisely. It made the booking process online, so that right after the estimates are received, customers can also book slots. This process will notify the SafeStorage team and its representative will call and explain the process and also clarify any queries.

The company tracks all the received items through a mobile app. Its warehouse consultants update inventory along with remarks (size, colour, etc) and upload stacked images on the customer portal. The customer dashboard has complete details such as inventory, payments, work orders, insurance and tracking. “At the moment our tech team is able to handle all the requirements. As we further move to expand our footprint in the country, we will be looking for more talent,” Madisetty says.

Property developers like Embassy, Hiranandani and Assetz, with funding from global investment companies like Blackstone, Morgan Stanley and Warburg, have invested heavily in warehouses. Retail players like Amazon, Flipkart and Reliance are taking up massive spaces.

Sudeep Sen, business head for industrial manufacturing and engineering & general staffing at TeamLease Services, says the demand for tech talent by the warehouse sector in the last 12 months has increased by 8%, and across levels. Hiring, he says, has increased for roles in quality checks, data checks, interpretation for predictive analysis, simulation study using live data, security systems, implementation of advanced HRIS (human resource information system) modules.

Sen says the trend is expected to continue for the next six to seven years and candidates can look at certification courses in the area of predictive analysis, forecasting and data security.

Gaurav Chattur, MD for Apac in recruitment services firm Catenon, says multiple businesses have emerged around logistics, supply chain and warehousing operations. These include businesses that have robotic solutions, like GreyOrange. Then there are companies that provide enterprise solutions for warehousing companies and also players that provide IoT solutions. “All tech oriented roles like robotics, IoT, engineering, cloud have become essential,” he says.

Since Covid-19, many players are keen on touchless warehousing, and have begun exploring and employing a variety of automation solutions.

Gaurav Chattur, MD, Apac, Catenon

The need for talent is rising in areas like warehouse robotics, cobotics, use of automated guided machines (AGMs)/autonomous mobile robots (AMRs), big data applications, and gamification of warehouses.

Abhijit Verma, CEO, Avigna Group

The steep increase in demand by warehouses is leading to the influx of women staff at the managerial levels, and also at the shop floors, and assembly junctions.

Sudeep Sen, business head, TeamLease Services

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