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iOS 4 is now available with Home button on modern iPhones: How to get it

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Apple took the wraps off the iOS 15 update this week and there’s a lot to look forward to. However, it’s not as simple as the iOS of yesteryears and those of you willing to make things simple now have an option: how would you like iOS 4 on your brand new iPhone 12? No, Apple is releasing a one-off special version yet but an 18-year-old developer has created an app that lets you experience it first hand. Also Read – Apple originally planned to launch new MacBook at WWDC 2021, but didn’t: details here

Called the OldOS app, you can download it from the App Store and get going with iOS 14 on any of your iPhone device. The app has been built using Apple’s SwiftUI and creates a fully working replica of the vintage iOS version. In fact, the developer says that you can use it entirely as your second operating system, although as an app. Also Read – Flipkart Big Saving Days smartphone deals: Pixel 4a is star of the show once again

OldOS brings iOS 4 to new iPhones

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The entire user interface is created in a bid to mimic the iOS 4 and its animations. Given that iOS 4 was made for the very small iPhone 3GS, you are bound to get black bars. Thankfully, the bottom bar houses a working replica of a Home button, one that responds in an identical way as the original. The app is using vibrations to mimic the keypress.

The app brings back the old version of popular iOS system apps, including the App Store as well as the Phone and Gallery. You even the get the full “Swipe to Unlock” animation that was made popular by the old-school iPhones. Zane, who is the developer, says that he has created it to be pixel-perfect and fully functional.

Moreover, the app is created to be open source, which means developers can tinker with it to come up with new experiences. At the moment, you can only try out iOS 4 and Zane does not clarify whether more versions of iOS will come later.

While iOS 4 will be fun to try, the new iOS 15 is here to solve most of the problems that the old ones possessed. Apple is finally paying attention to the notifications issues by bringing dedicated Focus modes that filter notifications based on the type and time of the day. Moreover, Siri will now be available offline and promises faster on-device commands as well as execution.

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