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iPhone 12 Mini’s Face ID was fooled by unidentical twins: What happened?

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Apple’s “arguably secured” Face ID could be under scrutiny again. As part of an alarming incident, India-based twin brothers were able to befool their iPhone 12 Mini’s Face ID and could easily unlock the phone when only one of them was registered for the same. Also Read – Apple iPhone 12 was the best selling smartphone in January: Counterpoint

This raises security concerns and puts iPhone users’ privacy in trouble after such cases were reported when the Face ID tech was introduced for the first time. Here’s what happened. Also Read – Holi Special offers: Apple iPhone 11 available at an effective price of Rs 41,900

iPhone’s Face ID can still be fooled?

It is suggested that brothers Vinamre Sood and Upanshu Sood posted a video on Facebook to showcase how they both were able to unlock an iPhone 12 Mini, which was configured to recognise only one of the brothers’ face. The idea is to help create awareness of the fact that Apple might need to further secure its Face ID system. Also Read – Apple plans to cut down iPhone 12 Mini production due to poor performance: Report

The video shows how Vinamre first tried unlocking the iPhone and it obviously worked. Following this, it was Upanshu’s turn and he succeeded too.

While this might not come as a surprise given that Apple now allows for multi-user Face ID, this feature wasn’t opted for. Another surprising thing is that both brothers are unidentical twins and don’t share a close resemblance.

Not the first time!

While this might amaze many, you must know that this isn’t the first time Face ID has been fooled. Back in 2017 when it was introduced for the first time, several cases surfaced wherein Apple’s facial recognition tech was easily fooled by people whose face wasn’t registered.

This included a mother-son duo who showcased a video of the same on YouTube and a 3D printed mask that was able to trick the system. This seemed weird as back then the Face ID was able to differentiate between identical twins.

Since the case has popped up again, it brings Apple‘s Face ID tech in the negative limelight again, especially when we expect it to be more secure than the time it was first introduced.

What are your thoughts on the same? Comment below.

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