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iphone 12 repair cost: Repairing iPhone 12, iPhone 12 Mini ‘Ceramic Shield’ screens to cost more

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Apple has introduced a new technology called Ceramic Shield to add more strength to the displays of the iPhone 12. Apple claims that the new Ceramic Shield front cover provides the “biggest jump in durability ever on iPhone”. While Apple offering highly durable glass in the displays of iPhone 12 appear promising but as long as it’s glass it can always break. And if you happen to break the display of the iPhone 12 series models expect to pay more.
Apple has revealed the prices of repairing the screen of iPhone 12 and iPhone 12 Mini in the US. It will cost $279 to repair the display of the iPhone 12 Pro and iPhone 12 models, out of warranty. In India Apple hasn’t revealed the exact screen repair costs yet. The Ceramic Shield cover will most likely increase the price further in India too.
When compared to repairing the screen of the iPhone 11, it cost $80 more. The iPhone 11 comes with a screen repair cost of $199. In India, the cost of repairing the iPhone 11 screen can anywhere be around Rs 20,000. It can be even more depending on the kind of damage.
So, what’s so special with the Ceramic Shield front cover? As per Apple, the Ceramic Shield front cover goes beyond glass by “adding a new high temperature crystallisation step that grows nano-ceramic crystals” within the glass matrix and increases drop performance by four times.
Another reason for the high repair cost is due to the fact that the new iPhone 12 series users OLED display compared to LCD ones in iPhone 11 and XR. Apple Care Plus plan may come handy as the cost of the insurance is the same.

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