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Is Deadeye the new Valorant agent joining the roster next week?

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Valorant has dozens of agents that come with their unique capabilities and Riot Games pushes the roster almost every season. While KAY/O the Initiator class agent was recently added to the list, the developers will add a new agent to the gang soon. Also Read – Valorant might not run on these PCs: Here’s why

As per reports, a new act is coming up in a week, and Riot is expected to release the new agent in the new episode. The developer shared a prelude of the new Deadeye agent at Valorant’s One Year Anthem video. Agent 17 was even teased in Valorant South America LCQ. While the first glimpse was seen back in June, players were eagerly waiting for Deadeye’s final release in the game. The wait finally seems over for gamers as Valorant dropped a teaser on Twitter this Wednesday. Although it isn’t entirely dedicated to the agent, the developers seem to be pointing out in that direction with the second teaser that tries to break the cryptic code. Also Read – Top 5 upcoming mobile games in 2021 took forward to

Deadeye will be another Sentinel that “focuses on mechanical outplays,” with an “additional focus on gunplay” for “an extra flourish,” Riot explained in a post last month. Also Read – Valorant Episode 3 release date, Act 1 Reflection Battle Pass: KAY/O agent, weapon skins, gun buddies, sprays, rewards, price, and more

Who is Deadeye, when he is coming to Valorant?

A teaser of the Uncover Fracture map was released last month. The latest map that arrived in Act II (Reflection) had a mysterious French voice over which reports believe to be of the new agent Deadeye. As pointed by Dot Esports, references to Vincent Fabron could be heard in a ‘security announcement’ on Fracture. Most likely Fabron could be Agent 17’s real name.

Valorant’s newest agent who is still a mystery has appeared in several images in the past. As per reports, the agent was seen in Valorant Brazil’s YouTube trailer for the Valorant Champions Tour LATAM Last Chance Qualifier. The Agent is spotted holding a large rifle, slicked-back hair, and a waistcoat with a tie looking more like a French assassin. Data miners are still trying to decode his abilities, with some pointing at his high-caliber weapon, while others predicting the marking on his eye to have some power, something that reminds of the Russian agent Sova.

But while we bask in the rumour glory, players will still have to wait for another week to have a sight of the agent to sore their eyes. Deadeye could join the team with Episode 3, Act 3 around November 4.

Meanwhile, details of map 8 in Valorant have begun circulating on the internet. Leakers indicate that the map would be based in Brazil, or at the ‘very least’ South America. There are no in-game leaks on the new map’s aesthetics, but we expect new details to pour in the coming days.

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