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Is Google app crashing on your Android phone? You are not alone in this

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Several Android users are facing the same issue as you! That’s right, as per reports and user complaints, Google app is crashing, and Android users are going crazy. Many Android users have taken to microblogging site Twitter to complain about the issue they are facing with Google app crashing. Most users complain that the app is crashing abruptly every time they are trying to open it. Also Read – Best Android Apps from January to March 2020

As per a report coming from Android Authority, the issue in the Google app is mainly affected Android phones including Sony, Samsung, Google Pixels, among a few others. Also Read – Google App update introduces persistent location access bug with several launchers, now fixed

Google app crashing issue

As per reports, the Google app crashing issue seems to be affecting users after the latest software update pushed out by the company. While some users are experiencing the app crashing issue after updating their device to, while others are facing the issue with version of the Google app.
Google has acknowledged the issue after several users complained taking to Twitter. In response to a tweet, Google via its official Made By Google account suggested a soft reboot of the phone. Also Read – Google search on smartphones will now make ‘mobile friendly’ websites appear in top results

In the tweet Google said, “Sorry to know that you are experiencing an issue with your device. It’s important that we get this sorted. Could you try a soft reboot by holding down the power button for 30 seconds and see if it works fine? Let us know if that helps.”

The reboot has worked for a few users but not all for sure. Some users took to Twitter stating that rebooting their Android phones hasn’t helped.

Google hasn’t really explained the reason behind the issue. However, we do expect the tech giant to push out another software update with a fix. Till then, you can simply try uninstalling the Google app update – just head to Settings > Apps > Google app > click on three dot menu > uninstall updates. If you don’t wish to uninstall, just try soft-rebooting the phone. If you are lazy to upgrade your Android phone to the latest software version, we suggest wait until Google pushes out a new update with a fix to the app crashing issue.

To recall, a similar crashing incident was reported back in the month of March this year. Back then, an issue with Android System WebView caused several Android apps to crash.

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