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JioPhone Next to new 5G collaboration, here are 5 key takeaways

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Last year, Reliance Jio head Mukesh Ambani announced to collaborate with tech giant Google to develop a 5G Jio phone for India. Everyone was expecting the companies to announce the Jio 5G phone at the AGM this year, but Jio had some other plans in stock. Also Read – JioPhone Next is Jio’s first smartphone made in collaboration with Google

At the Reliance AGM 2021, the company along with Google announced JioPhone Next 4G affordable smartphone and not a 5G phone as expected. Jio and Google together have developed the new 4G JioPhone for India. The aim with this JioPhone is to make India “2G mukt” complete. At the event Ambani said highlighted that even now a major part of India is stuck to 2G, while 5G is in the process of development. Also Read – Reliance AGM 2021 highlights: Jio partners with Facebook, Google, Microsoft to power 5G solutions, JioPhone Next announced

Jio and Google announce big plans at the event today. Talking about the collaboration, Sundar Pichai, CEO of Google said, “our vision was to bring affordable access to information for Indians in their own language, to build new products and services for India’s unique needs, and to empower businesses with technology.” Also Read – JioPhone Next Launch Highlights: Jio 5G release update, low-cost 4G Jio phone launched

Let’s take a quick look at Jio-Google partnership and what lies ahead for Indians.

Google-Jio partnership: 5 key takeaways

-The first result of Jio-Google is the JioPhone Next 4G smartphone. It is said to be the cheapest 4G smartphone in India yet. Both Pichai and Ambani said that with the smartphone, the idea is to make India 2G mukt. Pichai highlighted, “Our teams have optimized a version of our Android OS especially for this device. It will offer language and translation features, a great camera, and support for the latest Android updates.”

-Jio has announced that the newly launched JioPhone Next will release on September 10, 2021. The price remains unknown. He did mention that this will be the cheapest 4G smartphone one can ever get, so we do expect the price to be around Rs 3,000 – 5,000.

-Some of the key highlights of the Jio-Google 4G smartphone, JioPhone Next, include: support for voice assistant, Automatic read aloud of screen text, language translation, smart cameras with augmented reality filters and much more. The phone will also support Facebook suit of apps including WhatsApp, Instagram and Facebook.

-As part of the Google-Jio collaboration, Pichai announced that Reliance will shift its core retail businesses to Google Cloud’s infrastructure. He said that Reliance will be able take advantage of Google’s AI and machine learning, e-commerce, and demand forecasting offerings.

-Pichai also talked about future plans for 5G collaboration, so this somewhere hints that we can expect the much talked about 5G phone next year, possible at the next AGM.

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