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Just got a PS5? Play these 5 games first

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If you’re reading this article then you’ve likely just got your hands on a coveted PlayStation 5: congratulations! Next comes the hard part (yes, even harder than getting your hands on the damn thing): picking which PS5 games you want to play first.

Fortunately, with the PS5 having now been out for over a year, there are plenty of fantastic titles for you to choose from, from third-party blockbusters to first-party exclusives. Unfortunately (well, kind of), with all that choice, it can be difficult to pick which games to jump into first – so we’re here to help.

Below, we’ve put together a list of PS5 games that will immediately showcase the prowess of Sony’s latest console and offer hours of entertainment to boot. We’ve tried to include a mixture of games that will dazzle and delight both adults and children but, remember, if there’s nothing on this roundup that takes your fancy, you can always check out our best PS5 games guide for our full list of favorites.

(Image credit: Sony)

Astro’s Playroom

Showcasing the DualSense

Reasons to buy

+Shows off the DualSense+Family-friendly fun+Comes pre-loaded

Reasons to avoid

Quite short

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