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live transcribe: How to use Google’s Live Transcribe app and what you can and cannot do with it

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Google’s Live Transcribe is a rather useful tool to have on Android phones. The app, which is quite simple to use, makes voice to text transcription very simple. We had written about the features of the app and our experience of using it over
here. Now, we will tell you in this step-by-step guide, how to use the Live Transcribe app


Head to Google Play Store and download the app (for those on non-Pixel phones)


Open the app and give access to all the necessary permissions.


Tap on the More Settings option and you will find audio and language section


You can choose a primary and a secondary language here. For example, English and Hindi

That’s it. Simply start talking and the app will transcribe what you speak

While the app is quite simple to use, it has a slight learning curve. To add new text, you will have to swipe up the screen to get a clean slate. Or to delete the previously noted text, you will have to go to Settings to delete it.

The export feature is also missing from the app, which means that you will have to follow the copy-paste method to use the text. You can copy and paste the text in Google Docs, Gmail or any other app where you want to use it.

Do note that the app is available on all Android phones running version 5.0 and above.

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