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LOKA, India’s gamified Metaverse app showcased at Shark Tank India

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Due to the third wave of COVID-19 in India, people are again back trapped in their houses having flashbacks from the maddening lockdown of 2020, but we have something interesting this time around: Metaverse. Krishnan Sunderarajan has developed “India’s first Metaverse gamified app” called LOKA for both Android and iOS users. The app gives realtime real-world experience to the players with the help of third-party apps. The app recently appeared at the Shark Tank India show, Episode 12. Also Read – CES 2022: Qualcomm, Microsoft working on a new chip for metaverse

It is 104MB in size on Google Play Store. In terms of location, the game covers Cannaught Place, Delhi as per the teaser on the official website. Going by the preview, users can log in to the app via their Facebook or Google account and then choose an avatar of their choice. Players will then be able to roam around at the location and meet people while sitting at their home. Since CP is a marketplace, players can tap on the shops to open their apps and shop. These include Amazon, Nykaa, and so on.

As per a statement by Loka founder, Sunderarajan, “I am the founder of India’s first gamified Metaverse- LOKA. We’re trying to create a gamified 3D versions of real cities and locations like Connaught Place in Delhi or Manhattan in New York or Oxford Street in London, where real people can participate in concurrent & real-time experiences powered by 3rd Party Apps like- Amazon, Netflix, Deliveroo, Miniclip, etc. We are also focused on re-creating the feel, vibe & heritage of a place or a city by integrating contextually relevant and culturally relatable elements.”

Metaverse humongous tech trend that focuses on helping people stay in touch with their friends and family while maintaining social distancing. However, the idea is still a bit far-fetched, tech giants like Meta are still working on it. LOKA game is quite fun for beginners who want to see what metaverse looks like, but the entire concept is still at a very nascent stage right now.

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