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Wednesday, August 4, 2021

Microsoft Office apps on iPad updated with trackpad and mouse support

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After Apple added trackpad support to iPadOS via a software update, Microsoft announced that the entire Office apps on iPad will be compatible with Apple iPad trackpad by this fall. Keeping to its word, the company has started rolling out the full iPadOS cursor support to Office apps on iPad.
Word, Excel and PowerPoint apps on iPad can now take full advantage of Appleā€™s new Magic Keyboard trackpad or mouse with the latest version of iPadOS and Office apps. Microsoft says that the iPadOS cursor transforms into the tool users need depending on the content the cursor is pointing to. Also, common tasks such highlighting a text in word, changing the place of an image in PowerPoint, selecting a range in Excel, etc will be familiar to the PC or Mac version of the apps.
In addition to that, Microsoft has also updated these apps with new start screens and a new ribbon of feature menus. According to the company, this brings a much cleaner and more modern user interface to these apps. These changes are a part of the company’s new Fluent UI design statement which can be seen across the Microsoft 365 experience.
Microsoft has confirmed that several users have already started receiving the update, however, it is a phased rollout and might take a couple of weeks to reach all users.
For those unaware, Microsoft has recently updated its Office apps on iPad with Split screen support allowing users to run Office apps on iPad in split screen view.

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