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Microsoft pauses Windows 10 Team Update due to issues

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It was back in October that Microsoft had released the Windows 10 Team 2020 update for the Surface Hub 2s devices and this update was one after three years when version 1703 was rolled out. Just so you should know, Windows 10 Team is just like Windows 10 for Surface Hub devices. Also Read – Microsoft Teams will stop working for millions of users today

After rolling out the Windows 10 Team update for the Surface devices, Microsoft has suddenly paused the update after several customers complained about issues. Also Read – Microsoft Xbox gaming app coming to your smart TV next year

Microsoft has said that almost 70 percent of the eligible devices in Phase 1 and Phase 2 category were successfully updated but a small percentage of users have faced issues post the installation of the update. Also Read – Tesla chief Elon Musk is now 2nd richest in world, surpasses Microsoft’s Bill Gates

The problem and the fix

The company has not yet disclosed the scale of the problem nor the issues that organizations have encountered due to the update, however, it has said that it will be taking two major steps to resolve the issue following the complaints.

To start with, Microsoft has prepared a list of currently known issues and troubleshoots so that customers are made aware of what to do when they encounter the problem. Secondly, the company has paused the rollout for Phase 3 and Phase 4 devices.

Should you update?

For those who have the update available to them can continue updating their Surface devices by following the regular methods, however, the company has urged that they have a look at the known issues before updating to the latest firmware.

Since Microsoft has not revealed the details about the issues it is always advised that customers refrain from updating the firmware as it might affect the performance of the device.

As Microsoft strives to fix the known issues, it has extended support for the previous 1703 version until March 16, 2021. Microsoft has said that it is committed to providing an “update experience of the highest quality” and will publish the next progress update on December 18, 2020.

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