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Saturday, May 15, 2021

Microsoft Rewards Will Be Included In Microsoft Search In The Near Future

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You’ll soon be able to earn Microsoft Rewards points in a new way. When you use Microsoft Search, you will be able to win Microsoft Rewards as soon as next month. When the feature is available, you’ll be able to earn Microsoft Rewards points by using a school or work account to sign into select Microsoft 365 services.

According to the Microsoft 365 roadmap, which outlines what the company plans to do in the future and what its engineers are actually working on, users with work and school accounts can begin earning Microsoft Rewards points in May if they use Microsoft Search, the company’s search and indexing service for those settings.

With this new method of monetizing Microsoft Rewards points, it should be understood that Microsoft will work to increase the popularity of its rewards system among users of professional even educational accounts, and if the new rewards do not replace those already associated with Bing, Microsoft will work to increase the visibility of its rewards system among users of professional and educational accounts.

This could be a way to earn even more points per month, which can be used to get incentives like monthly subscriptions to Microsoft and third-party programmes, enter raffles, or donate points to different causes for the more altruistic. As a result, the switch to private users? It’s exactly what you’d think.

It’s currently unknown how many points people will receive by using Microsoft Search for a work or school account, and how those points will be converted or transformed to rewards points for a personal account.

As this is a developing story, keep an eye on this space for more updates!

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