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Microsoft Teams is set to get this much-needed feature

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Teams will reportedly get background noise cancellation feature for meetings. According to a report by Windows Latest, Microsoft has been working on this new feature for quite a few months now and has been training its Artificial Intelligence (AI) model using its own internal meetings.
The noise reduction feature will be available to the users of Windows 10, 7, and 8.1 by November this year, the report says. The noise suppression feature is said to reduce background sounds like clicking of a pen, mic issues, and other noises. It will depend on the AI to analyze a user’s audio feed. The AI model will use the company’s deep neural networks to reduce the unwanted sounds from the background.
As per the report, the new feature will be an update to the existing noise suppression feature and will give users more control on how much reduction they need. “The “High” setting is new and will suppress more background noise,” the tech giant noted in a roadmap update.
The feature is expected to be available on a range of devices including desktops and other gadgets. However, it is unclear whether the feature will work on Android and iOS running smartphones also.
Although there is no definite roadmap for the rollout, it is likely that desktop users across the globe will be able to use the feature in November later this year.
In other news, Microsoft is working on improvements for online presence feature in Microsoft Teams. A new roadmap suggests that the company may soon allow users to change the presence status to “Out of Office”. This Status would be visible when colleagues or attendees reach out via chat.

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