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Microsoft Windows 10 getting massive UI refresh in 2021

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Microsoft is busy making changes to the look and feel of Windows 10, and the users are reportedly going to get them sometime in 2021. A report by Windows Central says, the company has codenamed the project Sun Valley. The user interface (UI) changes are likely to include tweaks to Start Menu, File Explorer, and in tablet mode. Microsoft confirmed few years back that Windows 10 will now get seasonal updates. There is unlikely to be a Windows 11 in the near future, which is why making wholesale changes to Windows 10 is paramount. Especially when Apple is giving macOS users quite a lot to be happy about. Also Read – Windows 10 gets new virtual keyboard with emojis

Coming back to Windows, sources quoted in the report say the new update will reinvigorate and modernise the desktop OS for users. But the bigger challenge is to make it lean without compromising on features. This development will spark some excitement for the Windows 10 users. After all, the popular OS has barely got a significant design overhaul in the past five years or so. And yet, it caters to billions of active devices across the globe. Also Read – Windows 10 PCs will soon be able to launch Android apps

The report mentions the Sun Valley will be headed by Microsoft Chief Product Officer, Panos Panay. The changes to UI of Windows 10 will be eagerly awaited by developers as well as the users. So, we’re hoping that by early 2021, the efforts of Sun Valley project make through to a beta release for the Insider Program signees. With Microsoft equally invested in the 2-in-1 form factor, Windows 10 is the glue that holds the future of its device ecosystem.

Meanwhile, the company has to tackle current issues with the desktop OS. According to a report by Windows Latest, users have complained about File Explorer crashing after an update. While some have even reported about sudden black screen. Other issues include problems connecting printers and network issues.

With a non-functional File Explorer, you cannot access files and other items from the system. So, this is probably the worst nightmare you could have imagined. These issues come as part of the Windows 10 update version KB4579311 and KB4577671.

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